NHL Players – Last Names beginning with A

I have now added a listing of NHL Players which includes their stats, etc…. The only ones that re up right now are all of the NHL players who have the last name starting with “A”.

Can I please ask for some support. Can people please tell me if any player links to the wrong player … or someone does not show up.


P.S. Check the new feature out … Player stats will be updated on the Fly. Very Cool

Aaltonen, Juha-Matti

Aaltonen, Mikael

Aalto, Antt

Abdelkader, Justin

Abid, Ramzi

Abney, Cameron

Ackered, Calle

Adams, Bryan

Adams, Craig

Adams, John

Adams, Kevyn

Adams, Mark

Adam, Luke

Adduono, Jeremy

Aebischer, David

Afanasenkov, Dmitry

Afinogenov, Maxim

Agosta, Justin

Ahnelov, Jonas

Ahonen, Ari

Aiello, Anthony

Aitken, Johnathan

Akerlund, Magnus

Akolzin, Pavel

Alatalo, Mika

Alban, Chad

Albelin, Tommy

Albers, Paul

Alberts, Andrew

Albert, John

Alcen, Johan

Aldridge, Keith

Alen, Juha

Alexandrov, Viktor

Alexandrov, Yuri

Alexeev, Nikita

Alfredsson, Daniel

Aliu, Akim

Allard, Jean-Simon

Allen, Bobby

Allen, Bryan

Allen, Jake

Allison, Jamie

Allison, Jason

Almond, Cody

Almqvist, Adam

Almtorp, Jonas

Alzner, Karl

Amadio, Greg

Ambuhl, Andres

Amburgey, Tyler

Ammon, Andrew

Amonte, Tony

Andersen, Henric

Andersen, Niclas

Anderson, Chad

Anderson, Craig

Anderson, Erik

Anderson, Harlan

Anderson, J.P.

Anderson, R.J

Andersson, Joakim

Andersson, Johan

Andersson, Jonas

Andersson, Niklas

Andersson, Patrik

Andersson, Peter

Andreoff, Andy

Andrews, Bobby

Andreychuk, Dave

Andronov, Sergei

Angelidis, Mike

Angelstad, Mel

Anikeyenko, Vitaly

Anisimov, Artem

Anshakov, Sergei

Anthony, Steven

Antila, Kristian

Antropov, Nik

Anttila, Marko

Aquino, Anthony

Aquino, Luciano

Archer, Andrew

Archibald, Darren

Ardelan, Mark

Arkhipov, Denis

Armstrong, Chris

Armstrong, Colby

Armstrong, Derek

Armstrong, John

Armstrong, Riley

Arnason, Tyler

Arniel, Jamie

Arnott, Jason

Arsene, Dean

Artyukhin, Evgeny

Arvedson, Magnus

Asham, Arron

Ashton, Carter

Askey, Tom

Aspeqvist, Christopher

Astashenko, Kaspars

Aston, Peter

Atherton, P.J.

Atkinson, Cameron

Aubin, Brent

Aubin, Jean-Sebastien

Aubin, Mathieu

Aubin, Serge

Aucoin, Adrian

Aucoin, Keith

Audette, Donal

Auffrey, Matt

Auger, Chris

Auld, Alex

Aulie, Keith

Aulin, Jared

Avery, Sean

Avtsin, Alexander

Axelsson, Anton

Axelsson, Dick

Axelsson, Emil

Axelsson, P.J.

Azevedo, Justin

6 Responses to NHL Players – Last Names beginning with A

  1. Magleaf says:

    This is going to be awsome when it is finished

  2. mojo19 says:

    ya pretty cool. Who'd you look up, Antropov? me too

  3. Magleaf says:

    and Aulie

  4. leafmeister says:

    Aulie is gonna be a beast.

  5. rcichard03 says:

    Craig Anderson
    PJ Axelsson
    Arnott too !
    that's about all i can really see from that list that i think are great, this coming from a Leafs/Blackhawk's fan… leafs first sadly 🙁

  6. mojo19 says:

    I *****ing love Jason Arnott. Picked him in the last round of my playoff pool draft, like 125th overall. Here's hoping for a Preds upset.

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