NHL rumour roundup: Grabovski, Ducks a fit?

Here is a brief rundown of the latest UFA buzz:

Here’s a thought floating around on Twitter: Mikhail Grabovski to the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks’ highest-profile agent, Brian Burke, was of course the hockey man so high on Grabo’s talents that the former Maple Leafs shot-caller inked him to a contract cumbersome enough that current Leafs GM Dave Nonis decided to buy it out. Anaheim is looking to upgrade its second-line centre.

Consider this, however. Grabovski scored just 16 points in 48 games last season (granted, Leafs coach Carlyle used him in a more defensive role that Grabo would have liked). Compare those numbers to Anaheim’s Nick Bonino, the 25-year-old centre who scored 13 points in 27 games and added another four points in seven playoff games. Bonino will be an RFA after 2013-14, but he’s currently playing for just $700,000: