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The Year Ahead…

Since relocating to the depths of the deep american south it is going to be a heck of a lot harder to watch all the games this year, but hey living in Florida does beat living in Calgary!!! From an Oiler Fans prospective anyway!

Oilers trying to lock up hemsky

According to pro sports daily:The Oilers continue to try and lock up Hemsky with a multi-year deal of either two or four years.

Ryan Smith signed ???

According to , Ryan Smyth has reportedly signed a two year 7 Million Dollar Deal with the Oilers. No confirmation by the moment by the oilers’ team.

Murray, Laraque, Transtrom done? and Pisani, Roloson coming back?

EDMONTON SUN reports it doesn’t look good for Georges Laraque re-signing with the Oilers. He’s expected to hit the UFA market on July 1st. Also reports the Oilers appear to be closing in on a new contract for playoff hero Fernando Pisani.


With all of the great moments from the 2005-2006 Stanley Cup run, none was bigger than the 3-1 comeback that almost led the Oiler’s to the promise land. Unfortunately, the Oilers fell to the Carolina Hurricanes, a team that is much deserved of the Stanley Cup. The Oil spent most of the regular season in distress, going through streaks of greatness, and other stretches of mediocrity. Their hopes and dreams came down to the final few games of the season, where they barely edged out the Vancouver Canucks for eighth place in the Western Conference, for a first round meeting with the Western Conference leaders, the Detroit Red Wings.

Dwyane in pain: Roloson out for remainder of finals?

Rolosons knee injury may have been worst then it looked. According to the score, Roloson is expected to miss the remainder of the finals with a “lower body injury”. This looks like bad news for the Oil who rod on Rolosons back all the way to the Stanley Cup finals.