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Belfour for Peca???

This is pure speculation, so don’t get mad at this, but could Belfour be headed to Edmonton for Mike Peca?

Toronto and Boston talking again?

Just a quick note, I heard rumblings about it earlier in the week, and now it seems to be picking up some momentum. It appears that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins are talking again, only Brian Leetch’s name isn’t in the mix.

Some moves the Leafs could try to work out…

I kinda wanna get some non-Leaf feedback, so if we could get this onto the main page, instead of the Leafs page, that would be appreciated.

Belfour to the Oilers?

There are rumblings around the Web that the Toronto Maple Leafs are talking trade with the Edmonton Oilers regarding goaltender Ed

Ferguson Not Shopping Around Sundin is reporting that Mats Sundin is not being

shopped around. Trade talks between teams have been heating up as the March 9th trade deadline approaches. The Leafs are in talks, but Sundin isn’t involved in any of them.

What JFJ Should Do!!!!

Well all you Leafs fans or even hockey fans in general all know about the leafs and their struggles these past few games. the Toronto Maple Leafs have lost 6 straight being outscored 29-15 over that spand and have lost 7 of their last 8 and even the game that they HAVE won in that 8 game period they shuld have lost if it wasnt for Tellqvist making 43 saves as the Leafs were outshot 45-21.

The Leafs and Their Struggles!!

Well all you Leafs fans or even hockey fans in general all know about the leafs and their struggles these past few games. the Toronto Maple Leafs have lost 5 straight being outscored 25-12 over that spand and have lost 6 of their last 7 and even the game that they HAVE won in that 7 game period they shuld have lost if it wasnt for Tellqvist making 43 saves as the Leafs were outshot 45-21. If you ask me the Leafs have to do something about this and John Ferguson Jr. needs to pull off some deals because this D will NOT get the Leafs into the post-season simply because its basically Kaberle and McCabe thats running this Defence. Klee is having a shit year, Khavanov i dont even wanna get into him, he cant shoot, pass and even hit if his life depended on it, this guy is getting thrown around each night and Aki Berg..i dont know what JFJ was thinking signing this guy for a 1.2 million dollar deal!!!…I know the Leafs are hurting right now with guys like Lindros, McCabe and Tucker, their 3 top scorers but guys have to step up like we’ve seen in the past. Guys like O’niell, Allison, Sundin, Kaberle and even guys like Wellwood and Antropov. If the Leafs are gonna get out of this slump they need to make some changes, not firing Quinn he’s done a awesome job in Toronto but when i say make changes i mean TRADES!!…first of all Sundin 6 million for what? 10 Goals, 30 Points..c’mon 2 goals in the Leafs past 10 games…horrible especially when you of all people needs to step it up!!! Trade guys like Antropov, Khavanov, Klee, Sundin, Allison and just throw Berg on waivers!!…Heres some trades that i think would help out the Leafs.

To Vancouver: Sundin, Belfour

To Toronto: Jovanovski, Morrison, Salo and Ruutu or a 2nd round pick

To Boston: Allison, Czerkawski, Berg and a 3rd round pick

To Toronto: Leetch, Tanabe

To Pittsburgh: Antropov

To Toronto: Malone

To Chicago: Klee, Khavanov and a 4th round pick

To Toronto: Barnaby, Simpson

To Pittsburgh: Domi, Wilm, Kronwall

To Toronto: Recchi, Boguniecki

To Toronto: Roloson

To Minnisota: White, 5th round pick


Go out and sign Roman Checkmanic or even bring back The cat, Felix Potvin to finish off the year or just let Tellqvist finish the year and go out and sign Joseph next season for 800,000

I know some of these deals sound a bit harsh and weird BUT they make sense because all the teams i picked accept Vancouver are struggling. That trade sounds best too…Sundin going to Vanvouver, think of that line

Bertuzzi-Sundin-Naslund…Dave Nonis wuld defiently make that deal because Sundin and Naslund are teammates in the Olympics and Morrison wants out ALSO Belfour isnt sitting in Toronto, he isnt having his year with this defence PLUS Vancouver needs a goalie since Cloutier is out. For the Boston trade, rumors are going around that Boston is sending Leetch back to Toronto and Allison is going back to Boston but i thot throw Tanabe in there because he’s physical and throw czerkawski in the deal because he wont stick in Toronto..they wont give him a chance to get back to his 20 goal seasons. and as for the other trades they make sense…Malone wants in Toronto, the Leafs are tired of waiting for Antropov to become a point per game player. The Chicago trade is good because Chicago wants to unload $$ because they arnt making the playoffs and the Leafs get a guy like Tucker who can hit and score at times and Simpson for a 7th Defenceman. As for the Pittsburgh trade…whoever is reading this…your thinking that will never happen rite?…well we all know Pittsburgh defiently will not make the playoffs…and Recchi is a UFA at the end of this year and Boguniecki can hit and score…these trades gives the leafs solid defence down the middle and good scoring!!

Heres the lines with these trades!!

Tucker Morrison Recchi

Steen Wellwood O’niell

Malone Lindros Barnaby

Boguniecki Stajan Ponakarovski

McCabe Kaberle

Leetch Ohlund

Salo Tanabe




I believe this lineup is WAY better then what the leafs have as of right now..especially the Defence…that Defence can win a stanley cup by itself, its solid right down the middle and it gives guys like Coliacovo to stay in the minors for one more year because they arnt ready to play in the NHL….i know all of these deals wouldnt go down in one year but they all make sense…PLUS the salary is actually better PLUS the cap is going up…Heres the amount of $$$ these guys make this season

Morrison:————- 3.2 Million

Tucker:————— 1.5 Million

Lindros:————— 1.5 Million

Recchi:————— 2.2 Million

O’niell:—————- 1.5 Million

Wellwood:———— 600, 000

Malone:————— 750, 000

Stajan:—————- 800, 000

Steen:—————– 720, 000

Ponikarovski:——— 700, 000

Boguniecki:———– 500, 000

Barnaby:————- 1.2 Million

McCabe:———— 3.5 Million

Kaberle:————- 2.2 Million

Ohlund:————- 3.5 Million

Leetch:————– 4 Million

Tanabe:———— 800, 000

Salo:—————- 1.5 Million

Roloson:———— 1.6 Million

Tellqvist:————- 500, 000

Plus the minor deals.

TOTAL TEAM CAP: 26.9 Million Dollars of cap space

With only 26.9 Million in cap space this gives the Leafs ALOT of room considering their salary right now is at 37 Million. So with all this room the Leafs can go out next season and sign big name free agents such as: Roenick, LeClair, Jovanovski, Daze, Lidstrom, Peca, Jokinen, Straka, Chara or Redden, Mara, Morris, Weight, Kubina, Friesen or even Kolzig!!…In The next few weeks before the deadline it will be interesting to see who goes where and how JFJ uses his “plan”…we shall see wont we.

Money Talks

I do realize that this is Maple Leaf overkill, however, I do want to paint as accurate a picture as possible on the status of the Maple Leafs as they stand right now. There are many rumours out there and even more suggestions here on HTR on what should be done and who should go. It is indeed interesting to hear some of the things bandied about however making a move is much easier said than done. And in reality, alot of what is being said is near dillusional. It was hard in the cap-less world to make moves, but beyond difficult now with a salary cap in place.

I dont like to be so critical but someone has to put things in perspective.

The Leafs have essentially backed themselves in a corner. To sign players with a lockout certain was ignorant. To not use the buyout clause post lockout was beyond ignorant. If they had the cap room available they would have probably addressed the McCabe absence immediately. Obviously their lack of depth did not help as they had little to nothing to offer. But their limited cap room completely tied their hands.

Is it time to bring Curtis Joseph back?

There are rumors thet Curtis Joseph could be leaving Phoenix, and he said to the Star a few weeks ago he’d “prolly only wanna play for Phoenix or Toronto”. Which got me to thinking, is it time for the Return of CuJo?

Pat Quinn

Seeing the effort of the Maple Leafs against the Sens, this team needs a new coach. This game was the biggest for the Leafs this year and the Leafs did nothing. This team lacks chemistry, discipline, fundamentals and heart.

Domi ain't going nowhere.

There are five players I’ve heard the Leafs would like. Leetch, Malone, Recchi, and one of CuJo or Nabakov. I’m gonna focus on the Malone/Recchi-Domi/Czerkawski rumor.

Khavanov Injured

Maple Leaf defenseman Alexander Khavanov, left after the first period with a “upper-body” injury. Sure this isn’t a trade rumor, but with McCabe already out, and now Khavanov, John Ferguson Jr. could be forced to make a trade soon.

Sundin gone before the deadline??

Last night on The Fan 590 “Storm’n Norman” and Darren Dreger were discussing about John Ferguson jr. quietly shopping Mats Sundin. Someone in leafs management said that this information was probably credible…

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