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Canucks sign Tremblay?

According to and the Vancouver Canucks have signed former Atlanta Thrasher D-man Yannnick Tremblay.

More Details to follow

Canucks news

Sean Brown wil sign to a 1 Year $450,000.

$457,985 to be exact.

Eric Weinrich will return for up to 500k per season !

Danny Markov is a UFA and Might sign to a 2m 2y deal.

Anson Carter would like 3 Million per year.

Ryan Kesler has not received a qualifying offer.

Jozef Balej , Kevin Bieska & Alexei Burrows havn’t either.

Mika Noronen has a 23% chance off getting a qualifying offer.

Wade Flaherty will re-sign and has received a qualifying offer.

Naslund to be Traded?

The team 1040 keeps bringing up a rumor that wont go away but may very well happen. The rumor is that Naslund will be traded to Philly for some youngsters(Jeff Carter,

and Mike Richards, this is believable because the Canucks will lose Naslund’s $6 million contract, and to boot there getting 2 great upcoming players.

Cloutier Says Goodbye!

According to sportsnet pacific Cloutier indicated that this (trade) was all business and he knew after the day it matters if you win or lose. Cloutier also told sportsnet that he was going to miss Vancouver but he’s looking forward to moving on

Canucks get Chouinard

TSN – Vancouver Sun reports that the Canucks will announce early this week they have signed free agent centre Marc Chouinard to a two-year, $2 million US contract.

Noronen not happy with Vancouver situation.

According to Sportsnet Mika Noronen is not pleased in the Vancouver Canucks acquiring Roberto Luongo as full time goalie, pushing Noronen to back-up. Noronen also wants atleast a one way deal, rather than his current two way deal.

Nonis not done!

“The Team 1040″ last night talked to the Vancouver Canucks GM Dave Nonis, he said quote” I may be not done, there is still many things to do, I want to do one more deal , but im not mentioning any names. I even believe there might be players from the inside that we could use next season(Manitoba Moose) for example Jason King, Shultz, Brandon Reid”. Later on in the brodcast the radio announcer said he was looking at the Canucks roster and said there are 2 candidates he thinks are the only 2 remaining players Nonis could trade”Matt Cooke or Brendan Morrison”

Cloutier On The Move?

Canucks goalie Dan Cloutier’s agent is suggesting his client may have a long wait for a trade.

Anson Carter's days as a Canuck is over!

“The Vancouver Sun” Reports that Anson Carter will not be coming back to Vancouver next season. Carter is asking for a raise that Nonis cannot fit into the remaining cap space available, Carter is wanting 2.8 Million each season for 3 years, which is reasonable for a guy that had the most goals, most powerplay goals, and most game winning goals on the team last season.

Vancouver Canucks Assistant Coaching Job

The Vancouver Canucks need two quality assistant in 2 months ! Possibities are: Kevin Dinees & Rick

Ley .

McIlhargey And Johnston Relieved Of Coaching Duties By Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks announced on Saturday that Jack McIlhargey and Mike Johnston have been relieved of their duties as the team’s associate coaches.