What will Nonis do Come trade deadline day

Like every year the city of Toronto is Convinced that big fish like Steve Nash, Mike Richards, Roberto Luongo and Ryan Geztalf are about to put on the blue and white; lift the Stanley cup. This year, however the big fish being talked about is a realistic trade target. Corey Perry, one time hart trophy, Rocket Richard and Stanley cup winner could be in blue and white, or really on any other team come trade deadline day.

The Anaheim duck is in the last year of his contract and with his long time friend and line mate Ryan Geztalf getting a new long term deal Perry sees himself in the dog house with the organization. Don’t get me wrong the ducks will try hard to keep him but with his new contract easily reaching 8m Anahiem, will not be able to pay him and Ryan.

With Brian Burke working for both organizations and Anaheim having a good relationship with Toronto over the last few years (Lupul, Gardinier trade, First Beauchimen trade, ect) we could be a likely place for the star to land. Leafs will not be alone in the “race for Perry” and the price tag will be relatively high but Nonis could swing a 1 for 1 with kessel swapping places with Perry on the first line of each others teams.

Bring the leafs a true offensive threat and giving Anahiem more financial Security to lock up there Captain. Other moves you could see Nonis make would be little upgrades for the Marlies who lost the core of their team when the lockout ended. Possibly MacArther could be on his way out with Frattin and Lupul returning. Leafs could get a mediocre prospect or a 2nd/3rd for him. Another player who could be boarding a plane is John Michael Liles, He hasn’t played for almost two weeks now and with 3.8m dollar contract it will be hard to move him. However JML is still a solid puck moving D-man and could find himself on a new team rather soon. Bozak unlikely but still possible could see himself a Canuck after the deadline. NO not for Luongo but for a lower round pick. With the injury to Kesler a need for a second line center is now open on the Canucks, Bozak would fit in perfectly. Are the leafs buyers or sellers?

Both, look for Nonis to upgrade where needed, and sell off unneeded excess.

Michael Lo Giudice

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  1. doorman says:

    How the hell is Perry in Anahiems doghouse? That makes no sense. I am sure Nonis will do something, but i am not sure it will be on the level us fans hope. It isn’t that easy to make a deal, especially in the cap world.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      What I would like to know is how Steve Nash will help us win the cup? Is he going to shoot 3 pointers from centre ice?LOL

      • doorman says:

        If there is no actual rule about bouning a big orange ball during the game and his possible lack of skating could trigger a awe and humour affect that allows us to steal a few games?

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Yea, I can hear Bob Cole describing it in my head right now. “and Nash gets thepuck, I mean ball at centre ice, he puts it through he legs of Subban, the Canadiens look stunned, Nash throws it up…it’s good. It’s 3 nothing Maple Leafs.” LOL

    • Lucci_101 says:

      he is in the dog house in the way of it has seem as if anahiem is to go ahead and sign getzalf, Anahiem wont have the cap to give him the contract he wants

  2. Lucci_101 says:

    he is in the dog house in the way of it has seem as if anahiem is to go ahead and sign getzalf, Anahiem wont have the cap to give him the contract he wants

    • doorman says:

      Ya but not having the money to sign a player is IMO, different then being in the doghouse. To me doghouse says he has fallen out of favour with the team.

      • Lucci_101 says:

        in a way he has, since next season the team will take a new direction without him (because of the contract) & theres no way there gonna let him walk away without ducks getting something back, so hes outta favour with team and the stand point of there future

  3. nordiques100 says:

    wow, the Flames offer sheeted O’Reilly!

    • 93killer93 says:

      I would be very surprised if they don’t match. Letting him go to a division rival would be horrible, especially if they’re just getting back picks. O’Reilly makes Calgary better right now, and they’re giving up a 1st, and a 3rd.

    • leafy says:

      O’Reilly must be really good. He’s making Grabovski money now.

  4. kessel_leafs81 says:

    jay feaster should be fired, colorado should match tho i like oreilly and he will grow along with the rest of colorado’s team. calgary on the other hand, by the time oreilly reaches his prime most of calgarys team will be retired or declining greatly. unless hes starting a rebuild right now and planing on trading iggy etc to regain the picks back, bad move.. but if he is then why give away ur first rounder and then start a rebuild.. doesnt make sense, im flustered

    • nordiques100 says:

      the 6.5 next year is killer and it means that’s the qualifying offer they have to make. That’s not grabo money, that’s like more than Toews cap hit. ouch!

      • Lucci_101 says:

        i could not bieleve what he got as a contract! but i guess for two years 10 m just seems like alot he would probaly get it over a long term anyways

  5. DannyLeafs says:

    I think Nonis could be active, but it will be more in line with continuing his trend of identifying and clarifying the leafs current assets. Things along the lines of maybe moving MacArthur because he falls out of his top 6 vision, or moving guys like JML and Komisarek. Bascially just moving out players he no longer sees as assets or as a fit with the club.

    It’s not as if he has done much since taking over, but I do like that he came out and said this season was to identify what the club has and really give guys a shot to prove their worth. It seems to have taken the pressure off guys like Frattin, Kadri, and Franson, so they can play and not feel tense as if a single mistake puts them in the press box or glues them to the bench.

    The only big time trade rumor I think is somewhat intriguing is Kessel for Perry Swap. Hard to imagine it, as you don’t see many straight up hockey deals, but it makes sense. Burke is now with Anaheim and he loves Kessel. Kessel is a good goal scorer, and even next year, isn’t likely to command as much as Perry. I think it would be contingent on Nonis talking to Perry to gauge how likely he is to re-sign with the Leafs, but it is an interesting thought. It would give the Leafs a really solid top 4 wingers. With Perry, Lupul, and JVR, the wings would be big and skilled. With Frattin looking like a legitimate top 4 winger as well (don’t want to include him based on 10 games only) and someone like Kulemin who can fill the void behind those other guys, the Leafs have some good size and skill in the top six.

    • doorman says:

      Agreed sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. Between him and Carlyle creating an enviroment where nobody is a panic stae after a mistake is great. I think it has lead to more mistake free hockey from the Leafs.

      • Lucci_101 says:

        Toronto has to ditch Komi’s contract, and MacArther is going to lose his spot to Frattin Carlyle wont think twice about that.

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