Once Again Officials Officially Suck Part II

Currently watching two games, Canadiens against the Sabres, and the Rangers against the Tampa Bay Lightning.Once Again Officials Officially Suck

I am currently watching the Canadiens and Sabres game, and am growing increasing frustrated with the officiating. Through the first two periods I have already witnessed about three sabre powerplays with a direct result of a flop. As soon as a player feels the slightest tug of the sweater they keep diving to the ice. A penalty to Souray who basically did what Dave Manson is famous for and pushed the guy who was driving to the net with the puck with one hand.But the killer is about 30 seconds prior, Patrick Poulin is face washed by a stick of a Buffalo defensemen.

It goes unnoticed.

Then two offside calls that were not even close to being offside.The first Kilger would have been sent in alone with Biron, and the second the sabres would have had a three on two. Hell I,m watching the game in French and understood the broadcaster displeasure.

Geez, I can’t wait till the third period, I am guessing that they’ll let everything go, but who knows it seems to change night by night and period by period

I had just about ENOUGH of these officials in the NHL. Here are a list of things that happened each period:

First Period: Fleury scores a goal as Mike York was crosschecked to the net as he knocked it off. The puck was way over the red line, then the net was knocked off. The “upstairs” officials disallowed the goal, which left John Davidson shocked. How was it not a goal? All the views available proved that it was a goal. Yet, the officials disallowed it for no reason. To me…that is against the rules and if the NHL is so strict on players then they should be strict on these officials. That decision had to be made from an official who disliked the Rangers or Fleury. There is no excuse or reason to not count that goal. Then, if the goal was disallowed, then the defenseman who crosschecked York should have gotten a penalty. Nothing was called.

The rest of that period, in a matter of six minutes, the officials did not call 3 penalties on the Tampa Bay Lightning, two tripping calls (one maybe a hook), and a slash.

Second period, the Lighting slashed the Rangers about 3 times, and tripped once. Rangers also should have been called more than three times.

Johansson chases for the puck to clear icing, but he was called on two line pass. Ledyard crosschecks Johansson and Barnaby checks him from behind. Karpa grabs Barnaby and they start fighting. Fleury gets involved with Ledyard, attempting to get close to him but he was held up by the officials. In conclusion, Fleury ended up getting a penalty, and Ledyard got nothing. Later in the period, Lindros was cutting in and he was tripped up, yet nothing called. Then, Fleury was battling with a rookie at neutral ice, where he got crosschecked, tripped, he then pushed the rookie, and the rookie slashed Fleury. Fleury might have imbelished it a little bit, but the refs missed a crosscheck and a tripping call on that rookie.

It was a ridiculous game…and it humiliates me. What kind of sport is this? The official who disallowed that goal should be suspended or fired. You cannot disallow a goal just because you said so, it was a goal…and it counts. The net was NOT off its position, it was moved, but before it was knocked off the puck even hit the net. What a joke, yet what a shame that these officials ruin my favorite sport. Enough is enough, every team should have to right to contest against a disallowed goal. If it is a goal…IT’S A GOAL, it is IN the NET, and it is OVER the red line. All that before the net was knocked off. Unacceptable, and I give little credit to the Lightning for that win. Rangers should have had 10 powerplays while the Lightning should have had about 6.

Micki Peroni

Extremely upset, and I think many of us have complained about these demented officials.