One player – Who would you take?

Say you could add one player to your team. Who would you add? Who is the one best player that could make the difference for your team?

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  1. SensfanVone says:

    For the sen’s give me a second line center and havlat back…..ok so thats two wishes but cmon…lol

  2. Dr_Hockey says:

    Right Winger Milan Hejduk to the Flyers.

    He and Forsberg were dynamite when they played in Colorado. Just imagine the line of Gagne, Frosberg, Hejduk.

    If not him then I would add Marian Hossa. Another fantastic right winger and is one of the best in the NHL at controling the puck.

  3. phat_cat says:

    bringin any one player into the leafs……well as much of a fan as I am I know we need alot more than one player…..but to pick one right now…I’d take a guy like keith preimeau……physical and hard nosed but still very skilled! through him on a line with lindros and o’neil!

  4. kicksave856 says:

    i’ll take ovechkin on the flyers.

  5. Jrugges says:

    As a redwings fan I wouldnt mind seeing another speedy left winger come here, one like Samsonov

  6. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    i wouldnt mind a strong defensive presence. colorado getting niedermayer. trading for luongo. and acquring a speedy/talented left winger like ovechkin.

  7. Enigma says:

    Give me Sydney to play with Stevie Y.

  8. Cardiac_Canes says:

    Scott Niedermayer to the Canes.

  9. digs says:

    To montreal current players: either Luongo, Gagne or any top quarterbacking defenseman.

    to montreal all time: It would be the ideal time to have player like Doug Gilmour or Theo Fleury. We need more grit!

  10. future_agent says:

    Not a huge move but bring AlMo back to the T-DOT…sundin and him have amazing chemistry

  11. lbjaokay says:

    Craig “the Chief” Berube back to the Flyers (& shave about 15 years off him). The Flyers are lookin for a captain, you gonna deny it to the Chief?

  12. paul_dc10 says:

    i have a few to Vancouver

    Loungo: 2nd rounder in 2031 and Jason king

    Ovechkin: Conditional Pick

    Crosby: Lee Goron

    Gagne: For Free

    Pronger(YES DIVISIONAL TRADING TIME): Maximme Oullett

    Eric Stall: Wade Brookbank

    Jason Spezza: A Team Trainer(yes you can do this)

    Ilya Kovechulk: 11th rounder

    Joe Thornton: A new computer for the GM

    Sakic, Tanguay, Hedjuk, Liles and Blake: Golden puck

    and yeah all relastic picks that could happen

  13. beleafer89 says:

    For the leafs gimme a brendan witt type of d-man and i’d be satisfied, although it could take more than that to fix their current problems, I wouldn’t mind an Eric Brewer either but i think i’d rather witt.

    Hey how about Aki Berg for Brendan Witt…i wish

  14. HalGillTheNew99 says:

    For the Boston Bruins I would like to see TOm Poti. Maybe trade Hal Gill.

    And bring back P.J. Stock

  15. captainjoefish says:

    aaron downey

    but maybe joe thornton back to the bruins along with knuble, rolston and nylander

  16. Alozo07 says:

    What has Ovechkin Sundin Steen, MY leafs first line. nuff said

  17. Uncleben says:

    TML—Ilya Kovalchuk

  18. canuck8 says:


  19. canuck8 says:

    sign lecevieler, inginla and st. luois for 1 mil each

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