Panthers send Nick Boynton home – Will he be traded?

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Florida Panther have taken a stance with Nick Boynton and have sent him home for a few days.

It is noted that Jacques Martin is not clear on what he plans to do with Boynton however it is reported that “As for thoughts that Boynton could be traded or waived, Martin was speaking more long term about Boynton, saying ”he is no different than any of our players who have expiring contracts. We’ll evaluate him at the end of the season, the same as Ville, Zednik, Radek. Those guys.””

HTR believes that Boynton could be one of the many players that is going to be traded before the deadline. It is not often that players are sent home mid season and then return to the team especially just prior to the trade deadline. HTR also believes that he trade deadline is the part of the season when defenseman have the most value as teams are looking to add depth to their blueline for the postseason.

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