What will the Pens do with Fleury?

Jim Rutherford still has not pulled the trigger on a deal involving Marc-Andre Fleury, which will need to happen before the summer’s expansion draft.

“My very strong sense right now is that the preference of the Pittsburgh Penguins at this moment in time is to not trade Marc-Andre Fleury by the deadline,” said McKenzie. “That in a perfect world, they would like to go back into the playoffs with both Marc-Andre Fleury and Matt Murray –to have that strong tandem to give them their best possible shot at winning the Stanley Cup.

“Now, what could change between now and the deadline? Well, No. 1 they have to assess the mindset and the attitude of Marc-Andre Fleury. With Matt Murray continuing to be the No. 1 goaltender, how if Fleury going to react. Does that become a negative or a distraction at some point. They’ve got to get a read on that.


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