Rumours from around the League

As we all still wait for Mats Sundin to make his decision here are some various rumours… reports that Vancouver has many back-up plans should Sundin not sign there. Nylander is one name that has come up (since the Caps already have two centers in Fedorov and Backstrom). Another name that has recently surfaced was Afinogenov (via Buffalo). That being said, Montreal and Washington are also into this. They may have a slight advantage, only because two of Max’s best friends, Ovechkin and Markov play for the Habs and Caps respectivly.

Another player who is waiting for the Mats Domino to fall is Brendan Shanahan. Originally rumoured to most probably re-sign with the Rangers (which will probably happen), The Habs and Canucks are also taking interest. Pretty hard decision for Shanny:

NYC- Exciting team that could make a good run in his final years.

MTL- Team that could also go far that he has considered playing for (remember, 2 years ago, Shanny was minutes away from signing with the Habs before the Rangers scooped him up)

VAN- Him and Linden go way back (Linden is retired though)

The Flyers have gone over the Cap limit of $56.7 mil. To eliminate some money, a rumoured name to be on the move was forward Mike Knuble, the 2OT hero last year vs. the Caps. The only team that seems interested are those new look Blue Jackets. Ironically, they’re run by Knuble’s former coach, Ken Hitch*****.

…And finally, the McCabe “trade or no trade” saga continues with speculation that the Leafs will move him before training camp. Yesw he has a no-trade clause, but Brian may have be forced to waive it. A name like Montreal pops up, but who knows???

Usually the month of August is rather quite ’round the league and teams are starting to get ready for the upcoming season, but I have a feeling that this year’s August will be the most exciting month of the offseason.