‘Several’ teams after Mikhail Grabovski: agent

While “several” NHL teams have shown an interest in Mikhail Grabovski, the just-married centre remains in no hurry to decide his fate, according to his agent.

“I have several teams talking to Grabovksi,” said agent Gary Greenstin. “We’ll see what direction we go.

“He’s not worried.”

Greenstin said Grabovski remains in Toronto and will leave in a few days for his honeymoon. Greenstin said Grabovski’s expletive-filled tirade was unfortunate following his buyout by the Maple Leafs.

“He was under pressure,” said Greenstin.

The buyout — that turned him into an unrestricted free agent — came the day before his wedding. His wedding Friday was the first day teams were allowed to sign free agents. More than was spent on free agents in the first six hours. Grabovski was not among them.