Shanny and Yzerman Stay, Foote Gone?

According to reports on The Fourth Period, it looks like both Shanahan and Yzerman are going to be staying with the Red Wings. Yzerman was offered a 1 year deal and Shanahan picked up his player option. It was rumoured that Shanny would not exercise the option and head to boston where his wife is from. Though a huge boost to the club, the most important two guys to lock up are Zetterberg and Datsyuk both RFAs. That may take them the entire rest of the offseason to figure out and may hurt their chances at acquiring players as they will need to fit those two young stars under the cap.

Add Adam Foote to the list of players on the Maple Leaf Train. In a report from the Toronto Sun, it states that Foote has several reasons for wanting to play in Toronto. He was a former teammate of Mats Sundin, He has played for Pat Quinn internationally and he is from nearby Whitby with long time ties in that community dating back to his lacrosse days. The leafs also have a need for a top notch blueliner as it looks like Leetch is a goner. but the big question is the cap room or lack of it. it may simply be too pricy to add foote to a team with several big ticket players.