Sources: Finding goalie still Flyers’ primary focus

Finding another goalie remains Holmgren’s primary focus with several side issues.

“He’s made it known he’d like a goalie with no years or one-year left where they can get a read on that player before committing,” a source said.

Several sources say a deal for St. Louis’ Jaroslav Halak, as reported by on Friday, would make sense for both clubs, but the Flyers feel Halak’s salary cap hit of $3.75 million is a bit high. A Blues-Kings source said Halak would be “a great goalie for the Flyers right now.”

The Flyers could feel differently after the draft, if they return home empty-handed.

One source said today the Flyers had also talked to the Islanders about Evgeni Nabokov and that the Buffalo Sabres had asked Holmgren if there were interest in Ryan Miller, who has a year left on his deal with a very pricey $6.25 million cap hit, even if it’s just one season.