That's it…I'm done with the Leafs…call me a Sens fan from now on!

As much as it pains me to say this and as much as I love the TEAM of the Toronto Maple Leafs; I have to stand up for what’s right and end my support for MLSE – Toronto Maple Leafs.

Anybody on this site who knows me, knows I support the Blue and White through and through…I always have and in a way I always will. However I read an article (while already riding very thin ice with MLSE – Toronto Maple Leafs) in the Toronto Star and simply had enough.

This article completed the icing on the cake and even put a cherry on top. While it was likely bound to happen eventually at the pace they are going it was simply too much to read for someone who has gone as far as applying for season tickets, buying a jersey every single year for the past 13 years and occassionally show up to work with blue hair (sent home twice – hahaha). While I will likely draw hatred from many Leaf fans who have not yet reached the level of frustration that I have I decided to look at it this way:

I live in the city of Toronto; right downtown and I can see the CN tower right from my doorstep…this along with growing up in Toronto bread the love for the Maple Leafs right into me. Now hear this…throughout my life I have had girlfriends that I have broken up with for various reason…some small some big reasons but ABSOLUTELY none of them would get as much tolerance for “d!cking around” and non-loyalty than what I have given MLSE with my Toronto Maple Leafs. It is time I “break up” with the franchise until they show “they have changed”…

Please realize I am just using the relationship example as a way of explaning the ridiculous amount of loyalty Leaf fans have. By no means am I actually thinking of MLSE as a “girlfriend”…any comments about that subject will go completely ignored as you would have made it clear that you didn’t pay attention to what I was actually saying.

I chose to default to the Sens strickly because they are the next closest Canadian team to Toronto and I completely appreciate the way this franchise is run from drafting to trades and most recently the cup finals elimination…what do they do when they lose to Anahiem….they fire their coach and replace him in hopes of winning…talk about a “no failure” attitude….something that MLSE should try with the Leafs, but they don’t/won’t.

It is for those reasons and those reasons only that you see in the above paragraph that I jump ship until MLSE fixes things LIKE THEY KNOW THEY SHOULD.

Maple Leaf fans…be pissed at me all you want but I am doing what it takes to deliver the appropriate message to MLSE, as long as you support the team you are just as bad as they (MLSE) are. It doesn’t mean you have to start disliking Mats Sundin or cheering against them; it just means you discontinue giving them your money…nothing more.

I found myself cheering against them more and more so far this season in hopes that it would cause some sort of shake up…but nothing so far and read all the articles you want; it’s not going to happen. If it does happen and I believe it is with the best intention to rebuild and create a CONTENDER and not just make the playoffs then I will continue my FULL support for the boys in Blue in White…until then I simply cannot tolerate this BS anymore…it hurts to say it it really does but it’s not worth my time to hang on to something that clearly isn’t going to happen.

I pray that one day I can cheer for the Maple Leafs again, I really do, until then take care team…it’s been fun.

I end it with one last note – this is my stance AGAINST MLSE’s METHOD OF HANDLING THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS AND NOT THE ACTUAL TEAM ITSELF, I will always have a spot for the guys on the Toronto Maple Leafs, I just can’t support the ownership any longer…this incluses the Raptors and Toronto FC.