The most loved and hated players in the NHL

This is something big I’ve decided to organize. Who are the most loved, and hated players in hockey.So this is what you do, you PM me you’re top five for whichever one you’re entering, the most loved, and most hated. Do it like mine here.

1. Daniel Alfredson, Ottawa Senators

-Arrogant, rude, and doesn’t back up his cup promises, I’ve hated him since the Darcy Tucker cheapshot in 2002

2. Domonik Hasek, Ottawa Senators

-I don’t like the Curtis Joseph stunt in 2003, and then he blamed the situation on Joseph, he is just a very unclassy fellow, and I don’t like him.

3. Zdeno Chara, Ottawa Senators

-Big, dumb, stupid goon defenseman, why isn’t he playing centre for the Toronto Raptors?

4. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

-What a little brat, I heard a rumor that the Penguins were going to move to Toronto, and was scared… I don’t want that trash anywhere near here.

5. Alex Kovalev, Montreal Canadiens

-DIVER! Cheap shot on Tucker! I hate him! What an arrogant tard! Overpayed shit! I’ve never seen a player other then Ribeiro go down so easy! DIVER!

Just an example, I wouldn’t start an argument over my picks, as I think part of the fun is people’s unwarranted reasons.

I’ll try to get all of the PMs in on one article, with your name next to it of course, then people will post their vote for top ten, with number 1 getting ten points, and number 10 getting one point and the rest well you get the picture.

This should be fun, but because half the site is Leaf fans, and the rest is Leaf haters, so Domi and Tucker got a real shot at both. lol.