Time for Theodore to be the #1

Jose Theodore is young and is showing to everybody that he can be the #1 goalie in Montreal. Only Patrick Roy and Nikolai Khabibulin have better stats than him this year in the NHL.

Habs have won a lot of games this year thanks to Theo. Unfortunately, Hackett has not been able to save/win games since his return from his injury. The Habs can’t loose games with Hackett in the goal, but they play him only to show other teams, or in hope, that he will be as good as two years ago.

They need to be in the playoffs this year, and only Theo is able to bring them to the playoffs. In anyway, Hackett has absolutely no trade-in value, and the more he plays, the lower his value is on the market. Even though Hackett is paid twice more than Theo, the best goalie has to play. Michel Therrien and Andre Savard should understand that.

If the Canadiens have only one player in the all-star game, Theodore should be the one. Don’t you think?