Toronto Maple Leafs to sign Cody Franson

Free agency rumour: Toronto Maple Leafs to sign Cody Franson (and not the Edmonton Oilers)

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  1. leafy says:

    Now that the Leafs have traded Pillsbury dough boy, it seems Bozak is next.

    How about Kadri getting extended for 1 yr at $4.1 mil? It’s only 1 season, so that’s fine.

    But if he gets 15 goals, the Leafs will give him $40 million over 5 years. Please tell me I’m paranoid.

    • LN91 says:

      That is the PITTSBURGHY dough boy now.

      All-in-all, I know people are probably being overly dramatic on the Kessel trade, but the Leafs had a great off-season:

      – They had a strong draft. Not to mention have 11 draft picks next year.
      – They traded away their best player, but got a decent return and started a new era.
      – They signed some quality players to short-term contracts, making them desirable at the deadline. Really liked they brought back Winnik, signed Matthias, and Hunwick. These are hard-working players that prospects will imitate.
      – They got BABCOCK to lead the developmental the wave of new talent.

      So, in things remain on course, they are REBUILDING the right way.

      There is a C clog right now, but I expect Bozak is the next Leaf gone.

      • leafy says:

        Yes, well said. It’s great to finally see a true rebuild. Exciting in its own unique way.

  2. kessel_leafs81 says:

    I would love for a bozak trade to give kadri free reign top line minutes with JVR and see what he has. Seems like Babcock is confident he could make something out of him which I would love to see. Is anybody else wanting to take a shot at kostitsyn? he seems pretty positive, up beat, and has a great work-hard attitude adjustment and seems like a new player. Im worried, I think signing matthias (giving him first second line minutes) and kostitsn (first line minutes) that they both could reach the 20 goal plateau next year, with both of them on 1 year contracts for who cares amount of money, they’ll be easy to flip at the deadline to a contender for, best case scenario (both score 25), 2 late first round picks… that would be ideal to go into the draft with 4 first round picks. Having both of them may make our team better however and cause us to win a few more games but with the draft lottery, I wouldnt not sign a player that could get us a late first and cause us to finish 4th last instead of 1st last. kostitsyn has already stated he would love to come back for a bridge cap friendly deal, I doubt he signs with us unless we pay alot more, but for one year deal, who cares. His cap hit will be less at the deadline

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