Tough Month Ahead For Habs Who's the Dead Wieght So far?

With 13 wins under their belt Montreal is looking like they will most likely make the playoffs. Also I don’t think Montreal is getting the respect they deserve considering they were predicted to finish close to last in the east. December will be a big test for Montreal, it will pretty much give them an idea where they will finish at the end of the season and probably decide who is the dead wieght on the team…

Teams to Beat in December:


I can’t remember the last time Montreal beat Detroit? I believe Carbo’s crew can get it done this time. With Kovalev and Plekanec playing like a first line I believe that Montreal can penetrate Detroit’s Defence and beat either Osgood/Hasek(I’m hoping for an injured Hasek). An important statement game to show the NHL Montreal can be a top team.


Montreal needs to push a team like Carolina away from them. They are not a team they would want to mean in the playoffs(again). They are horrible in face-offs agaisnt Carolina (Brindamore). If you can’t win a face-off well…not much puck posetion is there? Lets hope for another offensive show against the Canes.

Toronto & Boston:

Lets hope Montreal puts Toronto out of their misery. I can’t understand why Toronto always brings their “A” game to Montreal. Much needed points from Division rivals. Boston is probably going to be looking for alittle revenge after the beating Montreal handed them. Carbo’s Crew needs to be ready defensivly for both teams.

Dead Wieght:

Before I say anything, These are my opinions.

Smolinski : Brought in for one reason, to win Face-offs. Thats one thing he hasn’t been doing. A -5 so far, and remember Powerplay and Penalty kill don’t count against +/- . So what to do with a 2 Million$ fourth liner?

He’s got a no-trade clause, so it will be tough to move him. If he doesn’t improve and just taking up a roster spot then I would put him on Waivers.
I like Smolinski, I feel he needs to be given more offensive responsibility and then he would be playing well…Start by winning face-offs!


Pretty much their only trade bait.
I like Ryder, hes always produced but only after december/january, Why?.
Last at this time If my memory serves me well he had about 7 goals?
I say trade him for some grit or package him for a top-six foward Montreal so desperatly needs. I’m not sure if Mr.Ryder will hit 30 goals this season and heats eating up 2.9 Million of cap space.

Huet : Not Dead Weight….yet!

What to do with the man who saved Montreal’s past 2 season from being a total dispointment. Price is starting agaisnt New Jersey on Friday after his great performance in Toronto. I think that started the begining of the end for Huet in Montreal. I like Huet alot. Great stats by the way (0.928%).
If Price keeps playing great then I feel that Carbo & Gainey should give him the #1 job….Yah I know, the kid is too young. They would need to bring a veteran in the split the duties but at half the cost of Huet.

Smolinski = 2 Million$
Ryder = 2.95 Million$
Huet = 2.75 Million$

3 Players that are a big part of the team but what are Bob Gainey’s Plans for them in the Future?
Do the math thats about 7 Million$ in cap and they’re all UFAs this summer….Gainey will bring an Impact player to this team either at trade-deadline or in the summer.

Go Habs!

Thanks for reading!