Trade Rumors

When will Amonte leave the Windy City? Ulanov-Mironov tradenovs? Blue Jackets not willing to turn the team around? Is GM Burke doing post Christmas shopping?Courtesy of Spector’s Rumors.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Neil Milbert reports Blackhawks general manager Mike Smith and team captain Tony Amonte are facing hard decisions as the season progresses. Smith could deal off Amonte now to a Cup contender for a healthy return of young talent, but risks upsetting the resugent Blackhawks team chemistry, which sees them with the second-best record in the NHL. For Amonte, Chicago’s stunning turnaround this season makes it more difficult to accept the possibility of forcing a trade or walking away this coming summer due to his free agent status. Milbert writes it’s still possible for both sides to reach an agreement after the season, should Smith decide not to trade him before the March deadline, or he can use the money he’ll save by not re-signing Amonte to land one or two free agents.

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES: Damian Cristodero reports Tampa Bay Lightning GM Rick Dudley has no interest in pursuing a trade for Tony Amonte, citing the demanded $6-$7 million per season salary the ‘Hawks captain is believed to be seeking.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the NY Rangers “showcased” defenseman Igor Ulanov during last night’s Rangers-Sharks game. According to Brooks, the Rangers are trying to land Boris Mironov from the Chicago Blackhawks.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace reports BlueJackets GM Doug MacLean won’t be making any trades in the near future to snap his team out of it’s current losing funk. MacLean says , for now, he’ll shake things up by bringing up players from the minors.

Spector’s Mailbag: The Canucks are interested in Peter Sykora of the NJ Devils. This rumor was reported on the NJ fan radio station. Lou Lamoirello has had scouts at the last couple games now.

The Hawks will not trade Amonte until the trading deadline. Right now Amonte’s value is worth less than the value he would have in March. It would not be wise to trade him now. It would be wise to trade Amonte in March to the team with the best offer, GM Smith should forget about the “Don’t want to trade him to a Western Conference Team”. Amonte should be traded, he is not the star of the team anymore. It is very strange to see the Hawks score 5 goals in a game, and looking at the boxscore you see Amonte with only an assist and a +1. In this case, it is worth trading Amonte.

I think Ulanov and something else for Mironov and something else might happen, but I doubt it. Ulanov makes some good plays, and some bad plays, but he does block a lot of shots. Mironov is inconsistent, and not a young spring chicken either, but I really liked his hard hitting game against the Colorado Avalanche. I am positively sure that GM Sather would want Mironov for his aggressiveness. Ulanov is too scared to get a penalty now. It does not matter who is playing in the defense now, as long as the defense plays well at even strength with the usual hard hitting style.

GM Bob MacLean should just do something. Playing around with the minor league players to see some sparks is not a good idea, because nothing will change. Like the Wild, the B’Jacks should just make a trade. They need a change in the locker room. They are not using Tugnutt all that much, therefore Tugnutt should be traded. Trading Tugnutt to a team like the Devils, Hawks, Canucks, or Blues would be a good idea. Teams would like to have Tugnutt, who is know to face a lot of shots per game. This team just needs a change.

GM Burke has been the buisiest yet smartest GM so far this month. He knew his team needed a change, and he is making a lot of changed. In one month, Burke acquired Jan Hlavac, Todd Warriner, Trevor Letowski, and Ty Bouck. I think Letowski is the best part of the Coyotes deal. This kid was good, he has talents, and he should have another good year, especially with a talented team as the Canucks. If Burke can pull off a good deal with the Devils to land Sykora, then this team should defintately make the playoffs. I wonder who the Canucks can trade for Sykora though. Any thoughts?

Micki Peroni