Trade Rumors

Trade Rumors, the most interesting topic we all love yet never believe in them. Kariya to the Rangers? Selanne running away from Sharks? Leafs interested in Lapointe!!!!! *Ahem* no…not Martin Lapointe, Claude Lapointe.

Isles, Leafs trade

NY Daily News Isles beat writer peter Botte once again brought up some possible moves the Isles could make by the march 19th trading deadline in an article today. He did not speculate on what assests we might have to give up however.

I did find these possibilites from a guy on another website…

“Sanderson should be a available for a 3rd-5th rounder – so I’ve heard. Columbus is looking to scrape off a bit of their veteran layers.

I’ve also heard mentioning of Dipi, Cairns, Lindgren + in return for Kaspar, Oliwa and Hrdina +. Take it with a grain of salt.

Both Izzy and Czerk are trade bait for a number of wingers, but McEachern is certainly an interesting thought! “

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March 19 trading deadline & the Isles

Claude Lapointe could be traded soon, apparently Lapointe is unhappy with his playing team on Long Island. They have been numerous rumors including one with Toronto:

To NYI: Travis Green

To Toronto: Claude Lapointe

It is also rumored that Lapointe will be put on waivers, and Toronto will pick him up.

written by: ice_cold_stones

Sather Willing to Eat Some Selanne or a Mighty Duck

Hello everyone. Finally, we got a lot fo rumors recently. Do we ever get tired of hearing them? Yes, but do we avoid them? No, why? Because we just need to talk hockey here.

The Rumor Mill on CBS seems to be interesting, involving Kariya and Selanne, mostly Kariya though.,1328,4604682,00.html

Should Sather look for another scorer? Definitely, yes he should. The FLY line is great, but if you think about it, it is only ONE line. Nedved is starting to play well with Johansson and Samuelsson (great young player), but he needs a scorer on his wing. I would like to see Low try Ciger, Nedved, and Dvorak again. It was only used in the begining of the season where there was no chemistry. Dvorak is off to a slow start, very slow. He creates a lot of chances, but just doesn’t finish. Malhotra is as good as gone, and he is the first player to be traded.

Malhotra played pretty well against the Ducks. Question is, who else will be dealt? Maybe Dvorak, sure he is a possibility. Probably a defensive prospect or maybe even a young forward from the Wolfpack.

I think the bigger question is, who should Sather get, Selanne or Kariya? It obviously depends on who will cost more in trade value. Both players would have success on the Rangers, because of the offensive style. But, both players are different. Kariya is small, weak, and not good in defense. Yet, he is fast, makes great plays, knows how to change a powerplay, has one heck of a shot, and could play well with Messier or Nedved. Maybe Messier, because Nedved is also on the block. Messier has been the best Ranger forward in the past three games. Give Messier a winger that can score, and his line will do well. Dvorak is the player who might be dealt. He is playing well but just not finishing right. Selanne knows how to finish, and so does Kariya. But, with the defense the Rangers have, Kariya would bring zero assistance. Selanne is not good in defense either, but at least he is stronger and bigger in size. Selanne would be a great fit on the Rangers. Especially if Nedved isn’t traded. If Nedved would be dealt, then Messier can definitely do the job. He knows his scoring days are over, but he also knows his assists could still pile up. The Rangers need two scoring lines now. Sure, give more time for Dvorak to find his scoring touch, but it must happen soon.

I cannot think of a good deal for either Kariya or Selanne. I think Sather should go for Selanne to give up less. Malhotra should play great with the Sharks too. If Harvey is fitting in that team, so can Manny.

Malhotra, Dvorak, Smrek, pick/Lefebvre with Rangers paying some of his salary, for Selanne and Rathje.

I wouldn’t be too happy with that trade. Smrek looks very good and he could be a number 3 defenseman some day, or even number 2. Dvorak is a good player, he does anything from PK, to play a defensive style, to play all offensive, to play well on the PP, he is just very valuable because of what he can do, especiall with the great speed he has. Malhotra is not a bust, he was just picked WAY TOO EARLY. He would be a good fit on the Sharks, and Graves would make him fit in too, as well as Harvey. Lefebvre….umm…well….no comments, he is just a bonus i guess. I would be happier with the Rangers getting Rathje than them getting Selanne. Rangers defense would be a mean and gritty defense with Karpa, Kloucek, Purinton, Malakhov, and Rathje…i should include Ulanov…but he is just screwing up lately. Kloucek and Rathje would be two mean hard hitting defensemen. Selanne would be great on the Rangers…they would finally have two scoring lines.

With Kariya…it is even harder because i don’t know how much he’d be worth, considering his contract will expire soon.

Malhotra, 2rd pick in 2003, Nedved, Smrek for Kariya and 4th rd pick in 2003

I think that is too much, but we’re talking about Kariya here. If Kariya is doing well with a team like the Ducks, then he could make a difference on the Rangers. I would not mind losing Nedved. I would rather have Dvorak Messier and Kariya play together than Ciger Nedved Kariya. Smrek would be a key in the trade. He is ready to make a team, but when Kloucek got back his job was put on hold.

You tell me what a possible trade would be. I would rather trade with the Sharks to get Rathje. These are rumors, but a good chance they could happen.

written by: mikster