What A Steal!!!

I’ve seen all the Montréal Canadiens games so far this year and I gotta say that what I have seen tonight against the Washington Capitals, was the best hockey from Montréal I’ve seen IN YEARS. It’s exciting, fast and offensive. Guess what? It all happens when the newcomer Donald Audette arrived in town… Someone tell me that this trade is not a steal please…? They’ve sent the fragile and injury-plagued (good guy though) Benoit Brunet and Martin “Scared to go in the corners like a squirrel in a mouse trap” Rucinsky: both UFA’s next year, for Donald Audette and Shaun Van Allen.

So far, in two games Donald Audette has 1 goal (winning goal), 2 assists and has been on the ice for AT LEAST 6 Canadiens goals. He’s had a standing ovation tonight at the Molson Center and has create many scoring chances (two times 2on1 tonight, 1 goal post). Shaun Van Allen is simply a bonus in this trade but is a very good defensive forward. I tell you all, Montréal is playing right now the better hockey (from them) i’ve seen since a LONG TIME!!! Montréal’s analysis and former NHL coach, Michel Bergeron has also said during the game that if Bob Gainey would’ve been at the game tonight, no longer than tomorrow morning, Ken Hitch***** would’ve been fired! I know Hitch***** won’t be fired but it illustrate how good could Audette been with the Canadiens so far…He also has stated that Audette will be the better right-handed right wing in Montréal since Stéphane Richer has scored his 50 goals in a season, which I think is true.

By the way, Donald Audette tonight has played 20 minutes and Jaromir Jagr 21 minutes. Compare it to the 9 minutes a game he was playing in Dallas and ask them why he wasn’t scoring that much…? Montréal won and Audette was the first star.

Audette and the Canadiens will probably not keep this streak ’til the end of the season, but he is clearly a boost for his team right now. Gotta give credit for André Savard…

Thanx for reading.