Wings on the block?

As they made their way to summer vacations, both Jarome Iginla (Calgary) and Martin St. Louis (Tampa) made it clear they would be open to being traded. Iginla, an icon in southern Alberta, made it equally clear that he is not looking to be dealt, that he wants to stay, but only if that’s what Flames management wants, too.

“You want to play where you are wanted and have people believe in you,’’ he told the Calgary Herald. Well now, two enticing wingers. Iginla, originally from Edmonton, will turn 33 over the summer. St. Louis will turn 35 just prior to the June draft. From a financial standpoint, St. Louis is far more attractive, with one year left on his deal, paying $4 million. Iginla has $21 million guaranteed over the next three seasons. Boston’s current pay structure would make acquiring even St. Louis a stretch. Iginla would be a huge get for Toronto, a deal that would have to start with Mikhail Grabovski and Tomas Kaberle going west.

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  1. pezzz123 says:

    A deal that would have to start with Grabovski and Kaberle going west?


    I'm not interested in either of them. No thanks. I'll keep Iggy.

    Kaberle is only a real asset at his current salary. I'm not interested in him at 5.5/6 million per year, which is what he'll ask for. So what, Iggy for 1 year of Kaberle and a fringe 2nd line centre on a weak team? Nah.

  2. reinjosh says:

    it doesn't make sense. Whoever suggested it thinks they are being smart because of past Leaf deals and the Phaneuf trade. Its just a stupid idea.

    They didn't even stop to think about the deal. Flames don't need another defenseman, they have a solid core of them already. Grabovski is talented but another second/third liner is not what the Flames need.

    Iggy will not be traded.

  3. jpmac says:
    The trade makes absolutely no sense on numerous levels
    Calgary doesn't want or need another defenceman.  That was their exact reasoning on shipping Phaneuf to Toronto. If Calgary trades Iginla, they are probably looking for young forwards who ready now, so the rebuild will be quick and painless, hopefully. Other than Kadri and Kessel, Toronto has nothing of value that also coincides with the needs of the Flames.  I am fairly positive that the Leafs are going to give up either of those two for Iginla.   
  4. futurebruin says:

    Maybe, Blake Wheeler, Michael Ryder, David Krejci, and Boston's 2010 1st for Iginla?

  5. pezzz123 says:

    Colbourne instead of Krejci and it's a done deal.

  6. futurebruin says:

    I really don't see PC trading Colborne when they just signed him.  Any chance he could be replaced and still have the deal pulled off?

  7. Leafs_Forever says:

    There is no way that Calgary will trade Iggy.  He is not the problem.  The problem is all the marginal forwards that can't produce.  (i.e. have fun with Stajan.  Nothing against Stajan, but he is miscast as a top 2 line center.  He is a career 3rd line center making 3.5 mill!.  Also, how about Langkow with a cap hit of 4.5 mill for 13 goals and 37 points! Ouch!) Trade all these losers and get someone to set up the puck for Iggy, one of the best goal scorers in the NHL!

    Tampa probably should trade St. Louis because there is no way another team will take Vinny's contract!  And they won't be able to resign St. Louis because they will have to resign Stamkos…

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