YOU!!! the typical NHL fan… (Part 2: Detroit-N.Y.R)

Oh yes… ROUND 2

Before we get started I forgot to add the term: “Poetic Justice” to one particular Avalanche fan. Last year when this fan taunted Steve Sullivan he got what was coming to him. Same game, puck in the head. WOW! he so deserved it… on with round 2….

Detroit- If anybody wonders why they call this hockey town, I’ll personally rip off your *insert fav team (probably leaf fans) name here* jersey. These fans are by far the loyalist of them all. Watching a game, not only do you NOT see one empty seat, but you see a sea of red and white (not many other stadium’s/fans) can say that. The city is crazy for hockey and it shows. Very intelligent fans who enjoy the game and have a real knack for good hockey. Sometimes they can be very critical but who can’t (although, they don’t have much to criticize). I wonder if the Lions are jealous?

Edmonton- Time and time again the fans are called upon to save this team and have no problems doing it. Very classy fans who’ve survived life with no Gretzky, life with no Weight and now probably the most challenging of all… SCOTT FERGUSON! errr I mean Ryan Smyth. They’ve been treated to some very entertaining players in their franchise. However, I think their a lil naive. Stubborn in a sense. But that’s only because they want the team to win at all costs.

Florida- BAHAHAHA……… AHAHAHHAHAHA….Among last in attendance, last in # of jersey’s sold, and last in popularity. The best thing this team has ever had going for them is not Bure, not the Stanley cup finals appearance years back, it’s the Rats the fans used to throw on the ice for them. The fans have a hard time watching this sport and no appreciation for it. It may be because of the heat but they have no interest in hockey or ice whatsoever.

Los Angeles- Mixed feelings about these guys. When team is winning, VERY supportive. When losing, you can’t pay them enough to enjoy a game. It does show though that if management puts a good team on the ice, fans will come. Unfortunately, this year seems to be in the middle. After the success last season, fans expected a lot. They were wild in the playoffs and the excitement was high! But during the regular season, they are mutes with money.

Minnesota- They had a pretty successful year last year for a debut and get over 18,000 a game. The city definitely missed its hockey and responded with better attendance and sales than over half the league. Because of this, they were granted one of the most exciting young stars in Marion Gaborik, but they still seem to not understand the full concept of growing pains. Missing the playoffs this year is not the end of the world but because of this fans may quickly tune out. Hopefully, they’ll stick with em because they got some up and comers.

Montreal- Wow, the team does well… the fans plan the parade. They do poorly, the fans abuse the players. Don’t think so? ask Brisebois how he felt to be booed game in game out last year… fans expect a lot from their team and if expectations aren’t met, the fans respond like children. If the team is winning, I have to admit the fans are awesome. Very loud, enthusiastic, critical (isn’t a bad thing) and appreciative. But if the team is under .500, that appreciation gets tossed out the window along with their loyalty and every players enjoyment of playing in this great city.

Nashville- Attendance is pretty steady (93% full capacity in the gaylord entertainment centre). Fans are reluctant to buy season tickets however (aren’t these ppl loaded?), because of the thought of another sub-par season. They can get semi-loud but honestly, how loud can acoustic guitars get? It’s a decent idea to give this city a hockey team but I’m still not convinced they know what to do with it. It shows in their knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for the game.

New Jersey- I’ll never understand it. Team makes playoffs, top 3 in East, cup contenders, and they STILL can’t sell out the stadium. But unfortunately, those who are interested are more then capable of giving this team a rise. There are some die-hard fans out there, who’s intellect compares to those of Wing fans but still no overall comparison. Devils fans are very stubborn and probably the least loyalist of all the N.Yorkers. However, the fans knowledge and enjoyment of the game has increased dramatically since the dumping of the trap. Heck, its helped the whole league!

N.Y Islanders- Ok, I said this for Calgary but I gave the fans it’s props, however, I’m not gonna be that nice for the isls. 1 word: bandwagon. They haven’t supported this team for around decade and now that they’ve had a good start, the whole sports been rejuvenated. I love watching Islander fans vs Ranger fans though. It’s good for the city and the sport. But I gotta give it to the Ranger fans… the attendance for MSG, did not fall even when the team did lousy, the same cannot be said for the islanders. It’s ok, have fun now, because come playoff time, Cashin Yashin will be invisible (but I got to admit, what a turnaround).

N.Y. Rangers- Where should I start? Hypocritical? nah… Stubborn? somewhat… loyal? YA. When teams struggle fans run for the hills, but the attendance for the garden’s was the same throughout (probably because of the size of the city but oh well). They were extremely critical but when the teams struggling what fans aren’t? Watching a game, the fans seem to be very into into, and the spirit is totally there. Very enthusiastic but also lacking in appreciation. The garden’s is an awesome place, (I wish I got a stadium like that), but some fans still don’t give 2 hoots. A lil naive too, to think that the team should be performing at a certain level because of the payroll but as teams indicated the past few years, payrolls dont win championships. All in all, good fans, knowledgeable fans, naive yet appreciative.

And you are done round 2…. Be sure to stayed tuned till tomorrow because we all know whats up ahead… The Leafs, Flyers, Blues, among many others… and I know none of you want to miss that.